Introduction to Ocean City

March 6, 2019

Ocean City, MD isn't just a resort town - it's a family tradition. For decades, this city has been the summertime vacation spot of choice for families from all over the country. What makes Ocean City so special?

This ten-mile long island town has fun on every street. Downtown Ocean City...

Benefits of Renting a Condo

March 6, 2019

As a traveler, you likely debate between renting a condo or a hotel room. There are many benefits to renting a condo over a hotel room, especially with Shoreline Properties:

  1. Shoreline Properties offers a large variety of condos throughout Ocean City. We have properties for every...

Benefits of Booking Direct with Shoreline Properties

March 6, 2019

There are so many ways to book a vacation in the age of the Internet. Dozens of travel websites host a variety of options in one convenient place. Why should you book directly with Shoreline, when booking on a third-party travel site seems so much simpler? Shoreline Properties offers what those...

Hear what people are saying about us...

It's our 3rd year renting from Shoreline. They have been nothing less than accommodating and courteous to my family! Our condo is always clean and ready for us when we arrive. The staff is always friendly and helpful. I can't wait to come back next year and continue to rent from Shoreline Properties!

- Cindy S.

I've rented with this company every time I've come down to OC and always found the experience enjoyable. The staff has always been very helpful and I would definitely recommend them. I also recommend getting the linen package so you don't have to worry about bringing that stuff with you.

- Daniel F.

I have used Shoreline services for around 6 months now, with different properties in Ocean City, MD. I can say that I have always received an excellent service. They are professional, respectful, satisfying, and always accommodating my needs. I can honestly recommend their services and I am happy to have met the manager and her team and evaluate their services as a 5 stars plus.

- Jorge P.

I have been going to Ocean City, MD every year since I was little. The best and only place we rent from is Shoreline Properties. We usually get a condo on the beach or on the bay for a week. I have stayed at a different condo every year and they have all been spotless. We go right after Labor Day when it's still beautiful out and less crowded. I can't wait till this Sept! The prices are beyond reasonable! I love it!

- North Shore Girl NJ

Prices are better than other rental companies and other services are equal to all other rental companies in Ocean City, MD. We have used Shoreline and just about every other rental company as we come to Ocean City every year. Shoreline has always been good about resolving issues immediately. I prefer Shoreline and will use them again as their prices are reasonable and they do try to resolve issues whenever I have had one through the years.

- West Virginia G.

We are owners of an Ocean Hideaway condo and we chose Shoreline because of the owners and staff. Every time we needed them they answered and took ownership of the smallest issue. We take great pride in the product that we offer and Shoreline helps us in keeping a high standard.

- A. Yetvart
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